Bikes for sale: Parlee Track Bike, Litespeed Road Bike

Bikes for sale:
**Parlee Custom Track bike. New! $2750 complete.
**Litespeed Icon Titanium Road bike. not so new. $1750 complete.
now on ebay::

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Parlee is built with Thompsons seat post, aliante sadde, 170 DA cranks and BB (165 Sugino 75 also available)  Thompsons stem, Izumi Chain, and Deda deep-drop bars (nitto shall drop bars also available).  Basic training wheels i'll throw in for free. I built this and road it around a 2 or 3 times, but i had already retired due to injurey when it arrived. "never crashed" haha. actually i mean it. 55cm top tube. should fit most 5'8 to 5'10" riders. Best riding track bike i've ever had. Much better then my Tiemeyer, BT, Teschner, RockLobster, or others... it goes like a bullet and is incredibly responsive, yet smooth. Incredibly light. Stiff enough for a big sprinter. I believe just 2 of these were built like this, one for me and one for Andy Lakatosh. it will do any event well. simliar to road version: Value:(?)

$5,325 (Like-New)
$5,071 (Excellent)
$4,564 (Good)
$3,398 (Fair)

Litespeed has campy Eurus wheels, DA 10-speed, FSA bars and stem, ... a pretty standard high quality build. Was second to top of line frame that year. Titanium lasts forever. 54cm top tube. should fit most 5'7 to 5'9 riders.  170 compact crankset. Value:(?)
$2,362 (Like-New)
$2,250 (Excellent)
$2,025 (Good)
$1,507 (Fair)

email questions to me at

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primal2 project video

We made a video of one of our speed bike projects. In a contest for some $$ to help fund next year. Check it out, and please click the vote button. (it requires an email address to vote, I promise it is legit).

George and Carol Leone and friends built this one.  I road it for them along with another athlete.  It is an honor to be involved in this Primal2 project. They also made my 'super7' project possible by making me part of their family for the summer and letting me stay with them and use their work shop.  Who is that nice, really?...  well, George and Carol are. 

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The news:

*  The speed challenge is over, it was a wonderful event and no one got hurt.
*  The bike I built turned out to be kinda slow.  53mph officially, a few more runs to sort things out and I think I could probably have done 60mph, not much more.
*  Kira Prokopakis, my kick ass co-driver was the 3rd fastest women this year and 11 fastest ever.  (despite the slow-ish machine.  well done.)
*  Getting my bike built and working correctly was a HUGE victory.  with no applicable experience what-so-ever I invented a totally new and unique speed machine and built it in 5 weeks, 7 weeks if you count the plywood test-rig.    wholey smokes that was cool.
*  The other bike... the Leone's Primal2 went pretty fast, but I couldn't keep it stable.  66mph officially.  Only one completed run, I crashed on the second and the bike could not be repaired.     There was plenty of room to go faster there... but we didn't get the chance.

"next-year" notes:

*  If I ever try to build a speed bike again it is all about teamwork teamwork teamwork.  God damn that was too much for one person to learn and do and test is few weeks... and the creative input from more people could have really improved things.
*  I am 100% sure now that I have plenty of riding skill and horse power to break the big records... I need the right bike and a little luck.  I am pretty sure that only guys doing this that can output more then me are giants and would not fit in a bike small enough to go really fast.

got to run... back to the real world.  I think I am about 7 weeks behind on everything.

-first time doing real layups with carbon fiber.  (also kevlar and fiberglass)
-first time building a speedbike
-first time building any sort of bicycle-ish-thing
-first time working in a machine shop
-first time outsourcing custom mechanical components to commercial machine shops
-first time working with CAD
-first time working with vacuum forming and thermo form plastics
-first time creating CNC ready designs
-first time riding a recumbent
-first time riding any sort of bike over 50mph (on a flat road).
-first time riding down 'that' road in Battle Mountain nevada.
-first time crashing/sliding down the pavement at > 65mph in total (almost) safety.
-first time riding a carbon fiber, incredibly streamlined bike that I design and built from scratch out of carbon and polycarbonate down the road in nevada at well over 50mph.   I'm stocked.   ... and I also got to ride the Leone's bike at damn close to 70mph.    soo stocked.

more event pictures::

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building a 90mph bicycle...

How would you do it?


Here's mine.  it's coming along.  This is rev2.  Big problems in rev1,  rear steering... what a silly idea.  duh.   (who knew).  
Flipped it around and while I haven't test ridden this configuration yet, I figure 5 billion automobiles can't be wrong.   No huge cost to that design change except running a long chain under my butt to the back wheel.  Look'n good.

Picked up the bodywork in San Diego last week.  Thanks to Steve and Diana for hanging out with me. Thanks to Matrix Enterprises in Poway for their incredible professionalism and high quality tooling.  Thanks to Lormac Plastics in Escondido for the vacuum forming at reasonable price and timeline.

While I am at it, I have to shout at out Phil Wood in San Jose.  Phil Wood rules.   No-nonsense engineering and a custom bottom bracket done and installed in 2 days.  That is awesome!    
All that beautiful carbon fiber is from Dragon Plate in upstate NY.  Also able and willing to do custom work on short notice and take care my mad project stays on track.

Miscellaneous driveline parts including a custom axle for that Zipp wheel were made by Evan and Jessee Brothers  also with ridiculously fast turn around and perfect precision.
Rumor mill still has it that Graeme Obree is coming to the big event next month.  Building in some barn in Scotlland at the same at the same time as me.  That is inspirational.  But that hagus eating fool has not chance against this little bullet ;)
Still training and prepping to ride the older bike that George Leone built.  That one is getting a big tune up right now as well. 


just say NO to kickstarter.  they suck.   rejected my project.  I don't really have time to find funding, so I'm paying for all this myself.   if you know of any friendly people or corporation looking for a little feel good logo placement....  PLEASE let me know. 

kickstarter was funny actually,  they sent a form letter rejecting me... with an appeal link.   so I do the appeal.  "please tell me why you rejected me so I can..."  oops ran out of 512 characters.   really, the appeal is 512 characters (not words).   and they Jipped me.  I only could enter 497.   I then got a second form letter.  No explanation.  They owe me 15 characters.   f*&* Y**... there's 8,   7 left...  ;)   

Strava?  wtf.  love or hate?
I'm in a big through down with some locals down here over a short hill at the edge of town.  KOM was 20mph up this 1min hill... then it went to 22.  then 24.  now 26mph.   It is hard to average 26mph up a hill.  dayum.   I want my KOM back.  I think today is the day....  
back to the bat cave:
Today's tasks, might as well make my list here as anywhere...
1) re-trim the base plate to make lower part of fairing narrower
2) carbon fiber layup to reinforce the front axle onto the base plate
3) carbon fiber layup and vacuum bag to finish the edge of the baseplate (and make it stronger)
4) fabricate blocks to hold the secondary chain drive pulleys and route the chain under the seat.
5) fiberglass reinforce the joint between the right and left fairing halves.
If I get that done then tomorrow my chassis is complete.   One or two more days working on the steering system and I'm rollin down the street (w/o the fairing).    The fairing is a little scary, a lot of work to finish it that I don't know how to do very well... 

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primal updates

The other bike... the one that I don't need to desperately try to make work in less then a month.   The one that works well.  yes, that one.

We call it Primal2 and it scare the poop out of me this week.  I'm not generally afraid of falling off a bike at 20 or 30mph, but seal me up in a top heavy carbon fiber shell with a tiny 12 inch window out past my feet crank up a gusty 20mph cross wind and have a redneck or two come charging out of a cross street in front of me... wow.  that was something.  

so far, not very fast in Primal2.  but it did 70mph last year. so I'm hopefull I can get my act together and get it up there...  (with out messing myself).

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The worlds fastest shipping pallet.  that plywood test frame had me up to a huge 25mph.   i love the riding position and the way that pedaling has no effect on the handling.   however, big design changes are coming.  turns out rear steering is hopeless.  I gave it a crack thinking that I barely need to steer... just trim a bit and go straight.  nah.  it sucked.  I tried a dozen variations of trail and toe and my results match what everyone one on the internet says about rear steering.  friends don't let friends waste time on rear steering.  I figured if Thrust SSC did it at 760mph I could do it at 70 or 80 or 90... but I think they used a computer control system as well as a very long wheelbase and did most of their steering with an aerodynamic rudder.   well.  it was worth trying.

Multiple crashes on a 60lb wood bike frame that I made myself is a bit scary.  Turns out it makes a great plow when that front end hits the hey and dung piles on the side of the farm roads.

design changes.
*  moving the wing and outriger wheels to the front of the bike
*  move the disc wheel to the back behind the drivers seat
*  run a long chain under the though  pulley and guide under the seat to the disc.  chianline and transmission remains unchanged otherwise
*  build a tail extension in place of the current Kamm tail.  probably better anyway, I was just being lazy about finishing the tail.  the wheel will fit inside the NACA67 profile originally designed.

*  greater chance of pressure interference between the front wheels and the main body
*  more turbulence near the early part of the main body, will disturb airflow the whole way
*  more complex (and longer) chain drive.

Other updates...
One half of the main body mold is done.  The second half is in the CNC machine today.  Thank's to Matrix enterprises.  Check them out: .  PO sent to the plastics company for forming the actual body work off of the molds check it out:

Custom Bottom Bracket made by Phil Wood is phenomenal it came together beautifully.

Thank you also to Jessy Brothers Precision Machining who machined an amazing new aluminum block BB holder.   They also machined my secondary drive components and a custom narrow axle for the Zipp wheel.  3 pieces now, all done perfectly and assembling and working on the first go.   

Ridiculous amounts of carbon fiber structural material and epoxy should be showing up any second now....  UPS !!! get on it.   check out

more later... note to self  I need to start posting more photos


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it begins again... faster!


knock knock..  testing 1 2 3 testing..   testing.   is this mic on?   dusty thing.

OMG this is fun.

What would bike racing be without bike racing?  it might look like this.   a nerdy, limitless, creative, althetetic quest for pure speed.   no comparison, no limitations,  no USAC, no success or failure, no pressure... just faster.  

This is what I am doing with myself.   3 months of metal working, CAD design, training, more training, practice, fixing, inventing, training, sunshine,  composite materials, metalworking, outsoursing, more training, and a wee little bit of speedtastic ecstacy.

I'm working with my friends George and Carol Leone as a pilot for their human powered vehicle at an event in Nevada Sept 10th.   That is the gorgeous blue one.    Last year this went 70mph with a different athlete.   Some refinements and a lot of training by me and I am hoping for 80mph.  

I am also frantically building and designing my own vehicle. (the not quite so real CAD models... and the plywood test mock up).    A lot of risks in my design, including not getting it done on time... but I think if I get past the risks it has 90mph potential.  Wholey crap.  I'm going to pedal a bicycle 90MPH.  A bazzillion dollars worth of carbon fiber are in the mail right now for the chassis.  Molds for the body work are being CNC'ed today.

Want to get involved?  I need tons of help.   Email/call me.

What do I have in common with Graham Obree, Sam Wittingham (hand built bicycle superstar) and Jan Bos (Theo's brother) ?  ... we are all gonna throw down in the desert September 10th.

Is this pair of cycling short clean enough?  damn.  ;)   

off to ride my bike :)

On kickstarter soon.    

More spamtastic internet noise to come.

On Strava.

On Facebook.

On blogger...

its on...

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check out this amazing new frame from Parlee.

mad mad fast sprinter bike. Perfection. you wouldn't believe the craftsmanship on this. not to mention the stiffness and lightness. spec'ed to be one hell of a sprint bike, but I bet it would slice up a points race or madison just as well.

do you all do this? I always put my sizing specs online. otherwise I can never find were I wrote it done.

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No Gnews is Good Gnews with Gary...Gnu

a friend pointed out how hopelessly out of date my web page is... UPDATES.

I'm good. no injuries any more!

However, I have chosen to separate myself from racing this year. I think after all the years (18?) mtb, road, track, cx racing and touring and everything else I've figured out all i want to learn out about cycling and especially about racing. Time to find new passions and pastimes. I tried to estimate my total race days once. I think it is right around 1000. I've been a cat1 and then a pro on the track for many years. I've done at least a couple pro mtn bike races. I've slogged it out on the road with worst/best of them. I suck at cyclocross. By some fluke I once had a UCI professional world ranking #78. I've seen multiple generations of new racers go from excited and innocent novice, to arrogant and aspiring, to crushed and humble, a side trip to self-indulgent and deluded, and then finally to introverted and resigned. The life cycle of a aspiring amateur racer. I've been to all those places myself.

This, in case you were wondering, is a little detour into the self-indulgent, but hopefully not deluded. Not sure I can judge my own deludedness.

Out on the road I've run into 3 tour de france winners. greg lemond, flyod landis, and bjarne riis. Rode for an hour once chating with robin williams when a big group shattered. Most of the time I have no idea who is riding in the packs with me. Of course at some point I've trained and/or raced with every significant Norh American olympic/domestic/international track racers of the last 30 years. Most of the Australian and Kiwi and British racers as well. The big guns usually crush me. On occation they aren't paying enough attention and I can sneak in a good result, like when Steve Hill and I tag teamed Shane Perkins in a 5 lap scratch (Shane was en route to world sprint domination that year) I gave a great lead out, Steve finished it and won. Met Apollo Anton Ohno the speed skater once. Tyler Farrar, Katie Compton, Sam Whittingham... lots of other that do amazing things out in the cycling world that have played at the track with me at one point or other. There are at least 2 dozen of those plasticy USCF gold medals in a bag somewhere from Elite State Championship or Velodrome Championships in NorCal, SoCal, Pennsylvania, and New York. A hand full of the bigger even more plasticy National championship ones in various colors of silver, yellow, and brown. I can't name where they all came from.

All in all, I've had enough. we will see what next year brings.



btw. highlight form the last 8 months. hands down. sunset (and then late night) picnic on the river banks in paris.

places I've been reciently and met amazing people ... (on my two feet, with no annoying cleats on the bottom of my shoes): san francisco, LA, death valley, las vegas, tokyo, yokohama, bakersfield, orlando, dusseldorf, amsterdam, einohoven, paris, london, granada, orlando, jacksonville, oakland, napa, escondido, eureka, san diego, seoul korea, NYC ... and more to come.

latest pass times:
-saturday classes at Berkeley. (looking for oakland/berkeley pals to hang with after class btw. drop me a line. I'll buy the first round... of lemonade.)
-couchsurfing. (way more interesting and world changing then you might think.)
-old sckateboard collecting. (as wall art, homey don't skate)
-reading. ... well trying. my attention span seams to need some help lately.
-carear ... forgot about that. (yup. I am a really good professional engineer/marketing person. who, knew.)
-friendships. can it be done with out biking? call me, lets try :) I'm in!
-eating and drinking. like a champ!!

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copying from check out the team website. lots of good stuff over there...


So… what?

pSoas. A medium size muscle I never knew I had that seems to have a unique ability to make me miserable. It also is damn good at getting other muscles to join forces like the legion of doom to make my inner superman hide in a kryptonite bunker.

It started 18months ago.

Flash back. One fine sunny august morning I am leaving my house and after inhaling a breath of wonderful fresh air and absorbing a face full of glorious sunlight I turned around and stooped over a bit to lock the door. A peculiar sensation hit me when I straightened up and put my keys in my pocket. I could not stand fully upright; I was stuck at a 15 degree waste bend.

Wow that was weird. I shook it off in a few seconds and went about my day. It happened 2 or 3 times more in the next month. Then one morning it was worse and it has never stopped.

I hadn’t and still haven’t crashed in a long time (knock knock). I hadn’t been lifting weights for 4 or 5 weeks already so it has nothing to do with any heavy lifting. I had no idea what it was. The only thing new in my routine was that I had just started dating someone for the first time in several months and all the stuff that goes with that. Perhaps the relationship had my mind elsewhere and bolstered me up with maybe a little bit too much bravado. A cavalier attitude is good for some things, but catching and repairing injures is not one of them.

Besides, I was in the middle of race season and determined to carry on … so I did. I tried to do more stretching. Hamstrings, hip flexors, quads mainly but other stuff as well. I saw a handful of masseuses and tried a PT. It seams to keep the pain under control, but it wasn’t getting better… I started to be more and more aware of the discomfort when doing power efforts and starts on the bike as well. I also noticed that I could no longer sleep on my stomach, something that used to be normal to me. After a couple minutes it was that same I-can’t-straighten-my-back feeling and it would start to hurt. I had to roll onto my side and ball up.

And so it went for a year and half. Maintenance as best as I could, a lot of sprint training as usual, and a healthy amount of pain.

Until my knees went crazy.

They had been a little sore, which is normal for me, for months. No big deal. This one day I was out pedaling on a flat road. I was pretty well rested and mentally had the sensation that I was working hard. But I look down at my speedometer and I was only doing 12mph. Then I realized my heart and lungs weren’t really working at all…. I physically couldn’t push the pedals any harder. Not good.

Around the same time I went up to visit the amazing new Roaring Mouse Cycles shop in San Francisco to do some bike fit stuff with my good friend and fit guru Julie Bates. At one point she was setting up an alignment lazar on my knee and also doing a more traditional plumb line thing and commented “ah, gio?, why are your knee caps all squishy and moving around when I touch them?”. Ya,, well, sometimes you need someone to help tell you the obvious.

I had the same experience riding after another 3 or 4 days of rest, and that was it. I pulled the plug on training until I can seriously get my body working again. I need to be healthy to be happy, both now and for the rest of my life. Also, I’ve learned that living with chronic pain you can learn to do, but weather you learn to ignore it or not, the weight of it is still there putting negative preasure on every aspect of your life.

So now it is time to figure out this pain and fix it. Here is where mister pSoas and his evil minions abductor, hip flexor, and hamstrings all come into play. Ganging up like Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Sinestro, and Brainiac to do evil deeds.

Searching for the culprits.

Sorry the story gets a bit vague here … I’d like to explain it all, but I am just barely learning. Keeping it stretched is important. Stretches that involve back bends, or lunges, possibly with a slight twist is the way to get at it. Hydration helps a lot. But stretching alone will not solve these problems. The real problem (I think) is that the muscle is misfiring and never or rarely releases. Also because I did such a bad job of addressing it right away it has got my posture out of whack and that has other things acting up… all of which combined put extra pressure on my already slightly rickety knees. I did a great job teaching my body how to do things wrong. Like learning a good powerful pedal stroke for sprinting takes time (years) to training the muscles to fire in the correct sequence, you can also “train” parts of your body to do things wrong. Time to retrain my back, hips, legs to do things correctly. Posture and flexibility and good habits are everything. Its possible there is more going on, maybe a damage disk or something… I don’t know yet. I’ll let you know if I learn more.

Here’s what I think I know. I’ve been told that often when your back or neck hurts the problem is often actually opposite to there you feel the pain. In my case I feel it around the Erector spinae, but I believe it is actually just because it is inflamed from trying to balance out a malfunctioning iliopsoas. This is a cool image. You can see how shortened hip flexors and over developed quads as well as overactive illiopsoas and a short, bunched up hamstring and long glutes that are accustomed to being in a cycling position can all contribute to a posture of pivoting the hips forward and giving the muscles on the lower back a really really rough go of it…. Even though they are not the source of the trouble at all.

What’s the connection between this in knees?…. I’d have to have Dr. Tolhurst tell you. But it has to do with the psoas and abducter and hamstrings not being well balanced. Also it has to do with the bad posture while lifting weights and walking and to some small extent cycling. Too much force/weight running down the front side of the legs and into the balls of the feet instead of into the heels.

Dr. Hank Tolhurst is my chiropractor. A super nice guy, avid cyclist, and former racer. He has worked with just about every top bicycle racer that has come through the San Jose area for the last 20 years… besides he can honestly claim (with photographic evidence) to have dropped Gregg Lemond from a 2 man break away in a race.

Right now my plan is built on Yoga, Dr. Tolhurst (Chiroprator/kinesiologist), and rest. For sure I will not be doing any hard cycling for at least 4 more weeks. Then I will see if I can ramp (slowly) back up to my normal routine. Given my stop and start training all winter. This means I’ll probably not be very fit for at least the first half of the summer. I’m hoping to be going full speed by the second half of summer… but healing first. My priorities are clear.

After 4 weeks rest, my knees are only a little sore and no longer swollen and if it were just that I would probably be back on the bike…. But it is the larger picture that I need to fix or all my training will be wasted.

Psoas. You have 2 of them. Look it up. Keep them happy.

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Free iPhone apps for Track Cycling....

Hi All,

There are very useful free things to be had!!

2 new iPhone apps just for the Velodrome. This is a little bit self-promosional, so I hope you don't mind the post... however, I think this is a win-win for everyone. GearCalc and VeloTimeMachine. Guaranteed to make you faster!! ;)

For the next 10 days, this app will be free for everyone: GearCalc.

-Brought to you by Black Dog Pro Cycling and their Sponsors.



Rudy Project

Roaring Mouse

-The gear chart you always wish you had. Simple, Fast, Easy

-Calculates both the precise and the "standard" gear inches for all common chainring, cog, tire width combinations.

-Calculates pacing information given cadence for common distances using the selected gear.

Free copys of: VeloTimeMachine.

-a sophisticated stopwatch for iPhone.

-overcomes the input limitations of the touch screen

-integrated immediate emailing of results and split times

-optionally calculates speed and cadence for every lap

-searchable log book of previous runs

-optional 5-beep countdown to start

-lap up/down counting modes.

don't like touch screen input for timing? ... email me for instruction on what else 'might' ;) be possible. Apple stopped allowing people to openly use the volume buttons for applications...

** 5 free copy's for FGF first come first serve.**

use one of these redemption code in iTunes. if it doesn't work then that code has already been used try the next.






re: free gift codes: first come first serve. instructions for gift codes:

The stopwatch costs $5 after the free ones are gone. Think of it this way... would you spend $30, $60, $100 on a good stop watch, $200 for one with a printer. This is better, you always have your phone with you anyway, and it only cost $5.

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hi, still here?

yes, of course i am. I'm just not typing much. yay, for keeping my mouth shut. ;)

training, eating, traveling, racing, working, loving, living... all the usual stuff.

eat lots of turkey!

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