uhm... I think my little story picked up the wrong kind of attention.

My little sitemeter robot tells me that I am getting hit and linked by lots of FL fans or whatever... and, well, my story just wasn't that good. I didn't even get around to writing it very well. So enough of that. killing this one. sorry if I broke your link. Here is the short version:

I road my bike, the sun was out, I saw some famous people, no one did anything wrong, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The women involved in an accident was apparently taken well care of. I wish her the best.


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  1. tbv@trustbut.com Says:

    The story you wrote can be 100% accurate, and 100% wrong at the same time. Stuff happened when you weren't there to see or participate.

    How long does it take to slow down and say, "need help?", hear "ambulance is already on the way" and decide being a semi-celebrity attracting attention isn't going to help the situation, and move on?


  2. Giovanni Says:

    no arguments...

    badly written story, for more reasons then just my spelling. it was pointed. it was a point that I can't and don't want to follow up on. it was fine for the 10 people that normally read my page... but not for a broad general audience.

    frankly you might have looked at the measly hit counter before you publicized this and draw 100s of people to it.


  3. tbv@trustbut.com Says:

    Gio, most people like the attention. I wandered around your site and found it somewhat interesting, and it's possible others may have done the same thing.

    You've reacted in a reasonable manner, which is more than a lot of people would have done.



  4. Anonymous Says:

    wtf ?

    if it's true then it's true. if the light is yellow, gray, or purple that doesn't change the facts.

    write what you want. why did you let them bully you.

    and who the hell are "they" anyhow. at least you have the guts to put up a page in your own name.